Little slice of paradise – Island of Tenerife

Did you know that Tenerife is surfers heaven? Did you know that you can go whale watching in Tenerife? That volcano the Tiede is the third tallest volcano on earth? That Tenerife boosts with perfect climate all year round?

Piece of heaven called Tenerife
A Piece of heaven called Tenerife

Well, now, you know! And that is only the beginning.


The largest of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife sits in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of North Africa and enjoys eternal sunshine – one of the reasons that make this beautiful island such a hotspot for millions of tourists every year. Over the years, Tenerife has become a popular holiday destination, and it’s easy to see why – this island has so much more to offer other than great weather. A majority of tourist come to Tenerife because of the perfect combination between perfect weather conditions, beautiful nature and of course – surfing.


Surfing In Tenerife
Surfing In Tenerife


As mentioned in my first post, I decided to go on vacation in the south of Tenerife, to a surf camp called Twin Fin, where I will be taking surf lessons, among other things.

So why did I choose the south of Tenerife? Twin Fin is located in Adeje – the area the average temperature throughout the year is about 25 °C and with many sunny days. So, it seemed perfect to me – what is better than surfing in the sun during the day and enjoying a relaxed atmosphere during the evening with stargazing during the night?

Yes – you read that correctly: at Twin Fin, they will take me stargazing to the best-hidden spot on the island. Jealous? Don’t be. There are enough stars for everyone. ☺


Starsky in Tenerife
Starsky in Tenerife


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