Twin Fin Tenerife – Where Dreams Become Reality

Tenerife. Twin Fin. Finally! Here I am ☺ Just arrived from the airport, where someone from surf camp was waiting for me, you know the cardboard scene which you see in the movies? Well, that was it. My name on a board, held by a … Read More

One, Two, Three – Action!

My definition of surfing: standing on a board, trying to catch a balance while trying to imitate instructors perfect pose. How the heck does he do that? And why does he make it look so damn easy?! Even though I … Read More

Tenerife on my mind

Is Tenerife the best place to learn surfing? What else will I be able to do there? What is this place called Twin Fin be like? And what does that name even mean – Twin Fin?! Too many questions today … Read More

Little slice of paradise – Island of Tenerife

Did you know that Tenerife is surfers heaven? Did you know that you can go whale watching in Tenerife? That volcano the Tiede is the third tallest volcano on earth? That Tenerife boosts with perfect climate all year round? Well, … Read More