Twin Fin Surf Camp – Yoga Lessons – Surf Tenerife – School – Canary Islands

Tenerife. Twin Fin. Finally! Here I am ☺

Just arrived from the airport, where someone from surf camp was waiting for me, you know the cardboard scene which you see in the movies? Well, that was it. My name on a board, held by a smiling face greeting me enthusiastically behind it! 

»Was your flight pleasant? Welcome to Twin Fin«, he said with a grin.
I just smiled back and nodded. What else could I say? 

I am so excited to be here!

Tenerife Twin Fin surf camp


After a short drive, we arrived at Twin Fin surf campsurrounded by beautiful nature everywhere I looked.
Just as I imagined it! A tiny piece of heaven.

A tiny piece of heaven Tenerife

I eagerly checked into my room (clean and comfortable just like the pictures online!) and began checking (like I wouldn’t know it by heart already) what is offered at Twin Fin.

Hmm… would I prefer to do yoga in the morning and go surfing in the afternoon or would it be best to go snorkelling first? What about windsurfing – I can’t forget about that! And there is also an excursion to Vulcano Tiede in a few days, and I want to go there!

So many options and only seven days to cram it all in …crap!

Best if I start my day bright and early tomorrow, as there will be so much to do and so many new hidden places to explore!

 Can’t wait – the holidays have finally begun!