Twin Fin Surf Camp – Yoga Lessons – Surf Tenerife – School – Canary Islands

Is Tenerife the best place to learn surfing? What else will I be able to do there? What is this place called Twin Fin be like? And what does that name even mean – Twin Fin?!

Too many questions today ran through my mind as I was putting carefully selected items in my tiny suitcase (damn Ryanair and their 10kg luggage allowance!) You could say Tenerife was on my mind …

Amazing beaches in Tenerife

Amazing beaches in Tenerife

As I sat on my bag, trying desperately to close it without actually breaking it, I closed my eyes for a second. I could imagine myself on a sandy beach, surrounded by beautiful nature with my feet neatly snuggled in the warm sand while gazing at the sea.

If I tried hard, I could almost picture myself standing on a surfboard and gracefully surfing into the sunset… 

Loud crack woke me up from my dream – I think that my suitcase didn’t like me eating pizza AND cake yesterday as it broke under my weight and woke me up from my fantasy.

But that didn’t matter – as the fantasy will soon become a reality! In just a few more days, I will fly to Tenerife and visit this magical place!!

A little slice of heaven, Tenerife

And how could I not be excited?! I am visiting this piece of heaven in just three days! Tenerife beware – another eager surfer is coming your way ☺

P.s.: I plan to find out what is the meaning behind the name Twin Fin (as they assured me there are no sharks there ☺) 

Fingers crossed that’s true! 🙂