Twin Fin Surf Camp – Yoga Lessons – Surf Tenerife – School – Canary Islands

My definition of surfing: standing on a board, trying to catch a balance while trying to imitate instructors perfect pose. How the heck does he do that? And why does he make it look so damn easy?!

Surfing in Tenerife

Even though I fell into the water almost the same second as I got up on that board, I also fell in love with surfing instantly, because in that tiny fraction of the second it felt the Earth would stop spinning and I was there alone with the ocean. Connected. One. 

I know my statement may sound overdramatic to some, but boy – don’t judge until you tried it! 🙂

Its addictive sport, to say the least.

But the day was far from over yet – I decided that I would go to a yoga class in the afternoon to stretch my body after all that surfing, so I joined Twin Fins afternoon yoga class.


Since I was a young girl, I have always loved my weekly yoga at the local gym. But let me tell you that practising yoga surrounded by beautiful nature, hearing birds chirping nearby made today’s practice even a more serene experience than usual.

It was honestly a  perfect conclusion of the perfect day.


Yoga at Twin Fin


Sometimes it’s not only about the inside that counts – sometimes the setting is pretty damn important too ☺